Beautiful feet

Our feet walk countless kilometers, a tiresome task.
Especially women's feet bear the burden of uncomfortable and/or high-heeled shoes.
Foot care can prevent problems and minimize or eliminate preexisting ones.

Our mobility is dependent on healthy feet and furthermore:

«Beautiful feet aren't unimportant.»

La vie est belle wachtruimte

La vie est belle

There fore we offer services in:

  • Removal of callus and corn,
  • Nail and cuticles care,
  • Treatment and release of ingrown nails,
  • Toenail fungus treatment and advice,
  • Dry cracking heel treatment
  • Accessories, e.g. cushions to reduce pain,
  • Referral to a doctor or a specialist with severe problems,
  • Treatment of diabetic and rheumatic feet,
  • Relaxing foot massage.
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Sheilla Pinoy
La Vie est Belle
Wenduinesteenweg 52
8421 De Haan
Tel. 059 43 38 85

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La vie est belle wachtruimte